A leader welcomes you to the class and leads the mandatory warm up for 7-10 minutes. The leader divides the participants into teams and the rest of the class is devoted to just playing floorball.


ball games


  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Jump


  • Beginner - Everybody is welcome whether you're new to floorball or more experienced. The teams are divided randomly and the instructor adjusts the teams if necessary. 
  • Advanced - You should have been playing for some years, preferably in a team or series game. You are good at understanding the game, tactics and techniques. On the advanced levels the players choose their own teams and the instructor adjusts if necessary. 
  • Sundays - The participants are divided randomly in to teams. 
  • Duration is 60 minutes (90 min weekends)



  • Raise the floorball stick to knee height
  • Kick the ball to your own stick and to your team-mate's stick one time
  • Catch the ball with your chest, knee or stick without jumping
  • Play against the edge
  • Score from your own half of the field

Not allowed:

  • Have one knee on the floor
  • Play with the ball higher than to your knees
  • Score a goal by kicking the ball
  • Tackle or push the opponents 
  • Use high dangerous elbows 
  • Stand in your team or the opponents goal area 
  • Catching the ball by jumping
  • Place the stick between the opponent's legs
  • Stop or carry the ball with your hand, arm or head
  • Backing in to an opponent


  • There is balls and goals (small) in the hall
  • Floorball stick can be borrowed from the instructor


  • The floorball class must be booked in advance. Please bring valid ticket to the class.


  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Jump

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