Measure your body composition like the pros – NHL and NBA teams use InBody measurements to track their progress and reach their goals. Now you can too! Your first session is free if your'e a Fysiken member.

Is your body healthy?

Measure your body composition
InBody is a scale that measures you from the inside and allows you to see what your body consists of. You will learn how the distribution of muscle mass, fat percentage, visceral fat, minerals, proteins and fluid looks in your body. Whether you're aim is to loose or gain weight, you'll get accurate recommended daily calorie intake and accurate information about whats going on inside you. All this benefits you as you progress towards your goals. 

What is weight?
When you step on to the scale and see that you have lost 1 kilo, what is it that you actually lost? 1 kilo of fat? Liquid? Muscles? By analysing your weight with body composition you can better track and understand the changes in your body in a way that you can easily follow up on.


How Cirque du Soleil used body composition analysis to change their training approach.

How the Anaheim Ducks use InBody to stay at peak performance 

How InBody helped NASA 



6 times card (every measurement takes about 15 minutes): 375 kr
Measurement with personal trainer consultation (about 60 min): 575 kr


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