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The CrossFit class is the mainstay class at Fysiken CrossFit. The class is in the traditional CrossFit format and features both a strength portion and a conditioning portion in an attempt to bring you the best of both worlds and thereby increase your general fitness.The exercise plan for the CrossFit class is constantly varied to keep things fresh; however a general plan exists to make sure you get progressively better.

General class structure
10 min warm-up/skills practice
30-40 min Strength training
10-30 min of metabolic conditioning

Skill requirements
Fysiken CrossFit On-ramp course 

Strength Class

In the strength class we focus on developing our strength mainly using barbells and weights. There is no set program for the class instead you work on what you need for the particular day. Come in with your own individual strength program, or the general strength program for all, here you can ask questions, get tips and guidance from qualified strength coaches. The strength classes are led by coaching staff from Q&A Performance.

Skill requirements
Fysiken CrossFit On-ramp course

Olympic Lifting Skills

1 hour Olympic lifting class without any strength programing - here is a class completely dedicated to Olympic lifting skills, the purpose of this class is to help CrossFit first athletes better learn the Olympic lifts to incorporate them into WODs during normal Crossfit classes and RX classes. The point here is to learn proper and efficient movement patterns so you can translate that into your Crossfit: Higher reps, lower weights and lots of repetition. 

Skill requirements
Fysiken CrossFit On-ramp course


Everyone is welcome though this class will be designed with those in mind that will want to compete under the banner “Fysiken Tyngdlifting”. The class will be treated as an Olympic lifting program, with some strength components.

CrossFit Skills Class

Come and work on CrossFit Specific skills, like HSPU, Double unders, Kipping pull ups etc… This class will not have a strength component pre-WOD and will focus highly on Crossfit skills and techniques.

General class structure
10 min-30 min Technique practise
One or more metcons with focus

Skill requirements
Good technique on squats, deadlifts and strict presses.
At least a month of ”WOD-experience”


Class dedicated to the craft of powerlifting. Will take place in the weightlifting room and be more structured than the normal strength classes- technique focus on teaching the powerlifting movements – Deadlift, bench and squat, Preparing for competition and strength.


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