ON-RAMP Course

The On-Ramp course is a small group course designed for those new to Fysiken Crossfit and strength training. The goal of our On-Ramp course is to teach anyone the basics of free weights and other techniques we use in our regular classes and programming. All four classes take place every week with. We aim to teach you everything from how to squat and bench press all the way to the proper use of kettlebells - learning to do the basic techniques properly is crucial to get the best results and minimizing the risk of injury.

So taking part in the On-ramp will assure both coaching staff and member alike that you have all your training related questions answered, as well as, form a relationship with the head coach, this way we can asses if you have any further needs before starting regular classes.

* The On-ramp is not only for beginner lifters; advanced lifters who attend the course also find they leave with valuable tips and information to help improve their lifts.

Price On-ramp

Our On-ramp course is 995kr (starting May 8th). To sign up for the next available On-ramp class please email to crossfit@fysiken.nu

Private On-ramp Classes are available and cost 1400kr for two hours, which you will have privately and can book anytime that suits you.

Day and time:

Saturday 12:00-15:00

Frequently asked questions about the on-ramp course:

Q: If I am coming from another CrossFit program do I need to take your On-ramp?
A: No.

Q: What if I can't make it to all the classes?
A: We recommend strongly that you try to make it to all the times. However, if something comes up and you cannot make every class time, that is fine and we will do our best to catch you up in class.




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