Olympic Lifting

We are proud to offer a full-time olympic lifting program with several classes every week for you to focus and hone your olympic lifting skills.

Our olympic lifting program is headed and coached by real olympic lifters, people who have dedicated their life to this sport and are qualified to help you achieve that new PR you’ve been searching for or help you discover the olympic lifts for the first time. We are also a registered olympic lifting club, so if you feel like competing you can!

The Olympic lifting Program is headed by Martin Rothwall who is one of Sweden’s top lifters; Martin leads a team of qualified Olympic Lifting coaches from Mossberg AK. Including Swedish current record holder in the women’s clean and Jerk Angelica Roos.

In the Olympic weightlifting class we learn to master the Olympic lifts: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.


Frequently asked questions 

Q: Does the olympic lifting program cost extra?
A: No, it is included in your membership.

Q: I have no experience with these lifts/movements, where do i start?
A: No experience? No problem. Start with our On-ramp program first, then once graduated attend the Olympic Liftig for Beginners classes.


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