General terms of membership


Your membership at Fysiken Friskvård i Göteborg AB, 556702-1141, (hereafter called Fysiken) is personal. As a member you always need to register your visit by swiping your membership-card. On the occasion of a forgotten card Fysiken charges a fee of 20 SEK for entering without your card. Fysiken charges a production charge at 50 SEK per membership card. If your card is lost or damaged report it instantly to our reception desk. Fysiken are monitoring entry and exit by camera surveillance. It is strictly forbidden to let non-members into the facility. A member who breaks these rules risks suspension and will pay a fine for 500 SEK.

Scheduling interferences

Members have access to different kinds of selections depending what type of Fysiken membership is chosen. Fysiken will provide current information regarding the range of memberships including fees along with current pricing. Opening hours as well as schedule will vary thru the year ; special events, holidays, public holidays, house-cleaning or rebuilding, Christmas, New Years, Parts of feast of Epiphany also during the Summer months June-August. Information regarding deviations in schedule will appear at Fysiken ́s website ( I am aware that Fysiken may change their operation and the range of classes. Should such changes occur at my disadvantage during my memberships binding time I have the possibility to end my membership prematurely.


Memberships valid for 12 months (not including 25-times card) are possible to freeze for up to three months total during the cards validity. Freezing the card must be done in person by the member for an administrative fee of subject to change 200 SEK. The freezing will start the 1st of the following month if you pay by Direct Debit. A member is obligated to order a freezing of the card at the latest of the 20th of the current month. During the frozen period the direct debit will stop. A freezing of your membership can also be granted in cases of injury (physicians note acquired), relocated studying/working (certification needed) or pregnancy (maximum 3 months).

§4 Rules and guidelines

By signing this agreement I accept Fysiken ́s rules and guidelines as follows:

  • To book a class commits me to attend it. Cancellation must be made at least two hours (four hours for crossfit) before the start of the class and the ticket must be
    collected by you personally minimum 10 min before the class starts. When absent without cancellation the exercise card will be locked. A
    fee of 50 SEK must be paid to un-lock the card. 

  • All personal effects are to be kept in your locker. No bags or trunks may be left in the gym.

  • To use well kept clothing and indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are those used exclusively indoors.

  • To be on time for my class.

  • To respect Fysiken ́s opening hours and to make sure I finish my activity before closing time.

  • To empty my locker before closing, using my own padlock. All padlocks left after closing will be removed to make all the lockers
    accessible the next day. Fysiken has no liability for personal effects.

  • That I, while exercising in the gym, use a towel to cover the surface of the bench or machine I use and return the equipment, bars and
    weights I ́ve used to their designated location.

  • Not to use loose chalk or magnesium in the gym, but a chalk ball is ok due to less dust.

  • That I and my workout won ́t bother or disturb other members of their training experience.
    If a member violates one or more of the set guidelines and reprimand is not accompanied, Fysiken holds the right to suspend member.

§5 Liability

Members and other visitors are responsible for their own health condition and responsible to make sure that they are able to exercise at Fysiken without risk of damaging their health. Guardians are responsible for under-aged members. Fysiken is not liable for personal injuries or other injuries arising or connected to exercise, diet or other part of Fysiken ́s facilities or services. Fysiken is not responsible for theft or loss of personal affects. Fysiken may be held accountable if the damage or injury is clearly caused by negligence from Fysiken. If Fysiken is held accountable for a certain resulting injury Fysiken will not be held responsible for indirect losses such as loss in income or similar. Fysiken`s obligation for compensation is limited and cannot exceed the amount of compensation from Fysiken ́s liability insurance.

It is forbidden to conduct your own business inside any of Fysiken ́s locations.

§6 Call charge

As a member I commit to leave the facility at the specified closing time. By staying behind in an unmanned location after closing time I will be charged for the cost of the call charge to police and fire department.

Facility Damages

The members is accountable for any damages made by faulty use of equipment, and has an obligation to reimburse Fysiken for any damages done.


The use of doping or suspicion of the same is to be seen as a breach of contract and may lead to suspension or expelsion without time limit.

Personal information (GDPR)

The personal information Fysiken receives in your membership agreement are stored in accordance with GDPR. As a member you are required to notify Fysiken immediately of change of name, address, telephone number, email address and by direct withdrawal – account number. Fysiken contacts members via SMS/ e-mail to provide information about services included in this agreement.

Fysiken stores the data of current members. Upon termination of the agreement, the data will be deleted (or made anonymous) after 2 years, except where there is a legal requirement to save data for longer periods of time. If a serious violation of our rules is committed and a member is permanently blocked, the data will be saved in a closed system

Do you have questions about the management and storage of your personal information? Contact us by emailing

§10 Contract terms & termination

The contract term is specified on the front side of this agreement. Memberships that have been paid in cash or by invoice ends automatically after the membership term. Memberships paid by direct debit have duration of the term specified on the front of the agreement (3 or 12 months) To terminate your membership at the end of your binding time Fysiken requires a notification of termination;1 month ahead. After the binding time a notice of termination ends your membership 1 month after your notice has been given to Fysiken. If termination is made after the 20th day of the month, the membership will end by the ending of the following month. Notice of termination is to be given to us in writing either in person, by filing out a termination form in the reception or via e-mail. Your notice of termination always needs to have a written confirmation from Fysiken to be valid.

Payment & Direct debit

All membership payments are paid in advance. By monthly payments (direct debit) the due date is the28th of every month, with start of the closest possible payment day after the signing of the direct debit agreement. If the 28th is a public holiday or a Bank holiday the payment will be drawn the following Business day. The first membership payment is always paid when signing up and are always equal to the number of days remaining until the first account drawing can be made. If your account lacks coverage on the due date another attempt to retrieve the payment will be made on the first Business day after the due date. If coverage is still lacking Fysiken will charge a late payment fee and an invoice fee. The fee for late payments is currently 50 kr per month. If the payer reports to the bank to terminate the direct debit payment consent the payer is obligated to pay the remaining amount by invoice with a due date 10 days the day after the consent is withdrawn.

The invoice fee is additional. Debt recovery applies if the cardholder breaks the terms and conditions of the Direct debit agreement. Collection of debts will be made by Intrum Justitia. Any extra fees will be debited to the cardholder. Repeated failure with payments gives Fysiken the right to refuse any renewal of direct debit agreements. After two defaulted payments the remaining sum of the membership will be invoiced to the payers billing address.

The direct debit agreement can only be established by each individual person( not by companies, groups etc.) that holds a Swedish civic registration number and a bank account in their own name and pays for the card without subvention. The minimum age for the Direct Debit agreement is 18 years.


The agreed price assumes that payment is conducted as contracted. The prices on prepaid deals can not be changed in retrospect. A member committed to a certain contract period is protected to any price changes during that binding time. Changes may occur after the binding time expires. Changes may appear for additional fees such as administrative and V.A.T that Fysiken cannot affect. This includes members with fixed term memberships.

Campaign, student- and company-deals paid by Direct Debit that offers reduced prices will automatically alter after the end of the binding time to current regular pricing. The student price may be extended provided that a valid student ID is shown at least 10 days before the binding time expires. The student holds responsibility himself or herself to be able to claim the right for reduced price for memberships at Fysiken. Fysiken does not repay any monthly fees adjusted after the expiration of the memberships binding time caused to the lack of negligence to show proof of employment or student ID on time.

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