Gym policy

For everyone’s comfort in the gym, it is important that we all help to maintain order.

  • Return all weights and equipment when finished.

  • Do not drop weights on the gym floor.

  • Do not use loose chalk/magnesium/calcium or similar in the gym. Use chalk balls instead, you can buy them at our facilities.

  • Use a towel and remember to wipe off the sweat from the machines.

  • No bags are allowed in the gym, this is a safety caution in case of fire.

  • Wear clean clothes and clean shoes.

  • Respect the ongoing scheduled activities on the premises.
  • Bring your own padlock and remember to empty your locker when leaving the facility. You can also buy or rent a padlock at the reception. Any padlocks left in the locker rooms will be removed in the end of the day. Fysiken is not responsible for any lost items.
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