About Fysiken

Something for everyone

Welcome to Fysiken, the gym and fitness centre with the city's largest range of activities. At Fysiken you can work out in Gothenburgs biggest and best equipped gym, attend all kinds of classes, participate in different ball games or go climbing or train CrossFit. You can book massage appointments at Fysiken. We also provide services as personal training and physiotherapy.

Come as you are

Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for several years, our instructors will get the most out of your training. Moreover, you can play ball games without having a complete team. Fysiken offers 40 scheduled classes of different ball games, where you play with different people all the time.

Train together

To train together in groups is fun, inspiring and social. At Fysiken you have access to over 200 group classes a week to choose from. There is everything from high intensity interval workouts to soothe recovery workouts, challenging coordination classes t to heavy strength challenges. You choose what you want to train while you have fun and meet new people. 

Owned by the students

Fysiken is owned by Gothenburg five student unions through Göteborgs Studenters Företagsgrupp but is open for everyone. Fysiken is a non-profit corporation, which means that any surplus goes straight back into the business. With over 800 000 visits per year Fysiken is one of the most visited places for wellness in Gothenburg. Fysiken has 15 full time employees and about 200 hourly-paid instructors. 

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