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Open hours Gibraltargatan
Sat 1/1108.45-18.00
Sun 2/1108.45-22.00
Mon 3/1106.00-23.00
Tue 4/1106.00-23.00
Wed 5/1106.00-23.00
Thu 6/1106.00-23.00
Fri 7/1106.00-20.00

Open hours Kaserntorget
Sat 1/1109.00-18.00
Sun 2/1109.00-20.00
Mon 3/1106.00-22.00
Tue 4/1106.00-22.00
Wed 5/1106.00-22.00
Thu 6/1106.00-22.00
Fri 7/1106.00-20.00

Open hours Klätterlabbet
Sat 1/1110.00-18.00
Sun 2/1112.00-20.00
Mon 3/1112.00-22.00
Tue 4/1112.00-22.00
Wed 5/1112.00-22.00
Thu 6/1112.00-22.00
Fri 7/1112.00-20.00

Open hours Lindholmen
Sat 1/1105.00-23.00
Sun 2/1105.00-23.00
Mon 3/1105.00-23.00
Tue 4/1105.00-23.00
Wed 5/1105.00-23.00
Thu 6/1105.00-23.00
Fri 7/1105.00-23.00

Manned mon-fri 11.30-13.00 och 16.00-19.00

Familjegympan bjuder på busigt Halloweentemapass!

Söndag 2/11 kl 10 på Fysiken Gibraltargatan
Klä ut dig om du vill!

Familjegympan på Fysiken är för barn mellan 3-6år. Barnet/barnen följer gratis med förälder som har Fysikenkort, boka passet som vanligt! Har förälder inget kort gäller köp av engångsträning som inträde. Engångsträningen gäller då för hela familjen på Familjegympan. Varje söndag!

New! Zorball at Fysiken!

Zorball is a sport that combines both teams tactics and individual tackles. As a member of Fysiken, you now have the opportunity to take part in this activity. There will be a limited number of places every week so be sure to book you as soon as possible!

Premiere Saturday November 1st at 12-13
Fysiken Gibraltargatan

Yoga for new parents!

Did you recently become a parent? Then Alexandra invites you to join her yoga group for new parents. Babies are welcome to join the yoga course but focus will be on building your strength.

For registration contact
Start: Thursday November 3rd. 6 sessions
Time: 11.15 - 12.30 (75 minutes)
Place: Fysiken Gibraltargatan
Price: 900 kr

Pay the fee at the reception and bring the receipt to class. You don't need to bring your own matt.


Schemes for Saturday 01 November

Volleyboll - Teknik, 120 min13.30-15.30B-hall Drop-in
Basket - nyb, 90 min13.30-15.00A-hall Drop-in
Innebandy - 90 min15.00-16.30A-hall Book
Basket - avanc, 90 min16.30-18.00Hung H*A-hall Book

Found no pass

Virtuell nonstop cykling. Ta med dig hörlurar. Ingen bokning.5.00-23.00Drop-in




Fysiken CrossFit