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Special opening hours

Open hours Gibraltargatan
Sat 18/408.45-18.00
Sun 19/408.45-22.00
Mon 20/406.00-23.00
Tue 21/406.00-23.00
Wed 22/406.00-23.00
Thu 23/406.00-23.00
Fri 24/406.00-20.00

Open hours Kaserntorget
Sat 18/409.00-18.00
Sun 19/409.00-20.00
Mon 20/406.00-22.00
Tue 21/406.00-22.00
Wed 22/406.00-22.00
Thu 23/406.00-22.00
Fri 24/406.00-20.00

Sat 18/410.00-18.00
Sun 19/412.00-20.00
Mon 20/412.00-22.00
Tue 21/412.00-22.00
Wed 22/412.00-22.00
Thu 23/412.00-22.00
Fri 24/412.00-20.00

Open hours Lindholmen
Sat 18/405.00-23.00
Sun 19/405.00-23.00
Mon 20/405.00-23.00
Tue 21/405.00-23.00
Wed 22/405.00-23.00
Thu 23/405.00-23.00
Fri 24/405.00-23.00

Receptionen är bemannad mån-ons 11.30-13 och 16-19. Fre 11.30 - 13.00.


Open house at Fysiken Lindholmen!

Haven't you tried Fysiken Lindholmen? Bring your friends to our open house days 20-24 April and work out for free! Fysiken Lindholmen 20-24 April at 09-19.

Read more about Fysiken Lindholmen here.

International day at Fysiken
Fysiken is a place of many nationalities. Let us celebrate that with a special day for our international members!

We invite you to a day at Fysiken Gibraltargatan to explore our facility, meet our staff, work out and have a snack- in Sweden we call it a fika!

Fysiken Gibraltargatan Tuseday 28th of April at 15.00-18.00

We also offer a special class: Medley best of the best at Fysiken! 15.45-16.45


Spring and Summer training!
Visit the gym, play ball games and go climbing - train whatever you like during the spring and summer. At Fysiken you can get a 3-month summer card that gives you access to Fysiken Gibraltargatan, Fysiken Kaserntorget, Fysiken Lindholmen and Fysiken Klätterlabbet.

The price for this multicard is 850 SEK. You can take part of the offer until May 16.

Förbered dig för Göteborgsvarvet!

Lördagen den 18 april blir det långpass med Fysiken med start och mål vid Linnéplatsen. Samling kl 10:30. Vi springer stora delar av Göteborgsvarvsbanan. Totalt ca 18 km. För att vi skall kunna hålla ihop gruppen skall du klara av att hålla ett tempo på 5:30-6:00 min/km.


Renovation of dressing rooms at Gibraltargatan!

This summer we will improve the dressing rooms and the hallway that is located on the right side of the entry at Gibraltargatan. We will put in new lockers, new lighting and repaint the walls. We will also make the dressing rooms bigger by using the area where the solarium currently are located. You will still be able to use the solariums that are located in the other dressing rooms.

Follow us on Facebook and here on the homepage get updates about the renovation.

Fysiken Running Community

This year we collaborate with Salming Running and we form Fysiken Running Community by Salming Running. Everyone is welcome to attend, members and non-members. We welcome all levels of runners so do not hesitate to come and be part of the community, even if you consider yourself a beginner! Our hope is that we will give you some new inspiration to your running.

Read more

Schemes for Saturday 18 April

Basket - avanc, 90 min16.30-18.00Jacob B*A-hall Book

Found no pass

Virtuell nonstop cykling. Ta med dig hörlurar. Ingen bokning.5.00-23.00Drop-in




Fysiken CrossFit