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Open hours Gibraltargatan
Fri 29/806.00-20.00
Sat 30/808.45-18.00
Sun 31/808.45-22.00
Mon 1/906.00-23.00
Tue 2/906.00-23.00
Wed 3/906.00-23.00
Thu 4/906.00-23.00


Open hours Kaserntorget
Fri 29/806.00-20.00
Sat 30/809.00-18.00
Sun 31/809.00-20.00
Mon 1/906.00-22.00
Tue 2/906.00-22.00
Wed 3/906.00-22.00
Thu 4/906.00-22.00


Open hours Klätterlabbet
Fri 29/812.00-20.00
Sat 30/810.00-18.00
Sun 31/812.00-20.00
Mon 1/912.00-22.00
Tue 2/912.00-22.00
Wed 3/912.00-22.00
Thu 4/912.00-22.00


Would you like to learn how to crawl? Then this is the course for you. We teach you how to crawl and after ten times you should be able to crawl about 200 meters in a gentle pace. The course starts Tuesday 30 sep 19.30-20.30. (Regular price 950 SEK students 850 SEK). To sign up, email: gunillaw@fysiken.nu

Members' evening at Fysiken Kaserntorget!

Fysiken Kaserntorget has newly been renovated and we want to celebrate that with you! On 9th of September, we invite all our members to Kaserntorget for a lovely evening together. Compete and win great prizes and try our new classes. You are welcome to bring your friend! (if you and your friend want to attend any of the group classes, call the reception and they will help you)

Tuesday September 9th 17.00 - 20.00
Fysiken Kaserntorget

Fysiken Lindholmen is now open!

Fysiken Lindholmen is now open for training. We would like to thank all off you who helped make the training party a success!.

Read more about Fysiken Lindholmen here.

Förbättra din teknik!

Robert Kronberg är f.d. häcklöpare på elitnivå och Martin Rothwall är mångfaldig svensk mästare i tyngdlyftning. Under året kommer de hålla workshops på Fysiken CrossFit! Workshopen hålls över en helg och du får lära dig allt du behöver veta för att träna explosivt.

Första workshopen äger rum den 20-21/9.

  Gibraltargatan today Friday 29 August

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17:00-17:45Dansklass - Zumba,45 minJessika E
17:15-18:15Cykel - 60 minLars I
17:30-19:00Innebandy - 90 min
17:50-18:20Funktionell träning - 30 min (Inställt)
18:30-20:00Badminton - 90 min
19:00-20:00Badminton - 60 min
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  Kaserntorget today Friday 29 August
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16:45-17:45Cykel - 60 minJohan P
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  Lindholmen today Friday 29 August
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  Schema cykel Fysiken Lindholmen
16:30-17:15Power Cage - 45 minGino P
18:00-18:45TRX - 45 minGino P
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