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Open hours Gibraltargatan
Fri 31/1006.00-20.00
Sat 1/1108.45-18.00
Sun 2/1108.45-22.00
Mon 3/1106.00-23.00
Tue 4/1106.00-23.00
Wed 5/1106.00-23.00
Thu 6/1106.00-23.00

Open hours Kaserntorget
Fri 31/1006.00-20.00
Sat 1/1109.00-18.00
Sun 2/1109.00-20.00
Mon 3/1106.00-22.00
Tue 4/1106.00-22.00
Wed 5/1106.00-22.00
Thu 6/1106.00-22.00

Open hours Klätterlabbet
Fri 31/1012.00-20.00
Sat 1/1110.00-18.00
Sun 2/1112.00-20.00
Mon 3/1112.00-22.00
Tue 4/1112.00-22.00
Wed 5/1112.00-22.00
Thu 6/1112.00-22.00

Open hours Lindholmen
Fri 31/1005.00-23.00
Sat 1/1105.00-23.00
Sun 2/1105.00-23.00
Mon 3/1105.00-23.00
Tue 4/1105.00-23.00
Wed 5/1105.00-23.00
Thu 6/1105.00-23.00

Manned mon-fri 11.30-13.00 och 16.00-19.00

New! Zorball at Fysiken!

Zorball is a sport that combines both teams tactics and individual tackles. As a member of Fysiken, you now have the opportunity to take part in this activity. There will be a limited number of places every week so be sure to book you as soon as possible!

Premiere Saturday November 1st at 12-13
Fysiken Gibraltargatan

Yoga for new parents!

Did you recently become a parent? Then Alexandra invites you to join her yoga group for new parents. Babies are welcome to join the yoga course but focus will be on building your strength.

For registration contact
Start: Thursday November 3rd. 6 sessions
Time: 11.15 - 12.30 (75 minutes)
Place: Fysiken Gibraltargatan
Price: 900 kr

Pay the fee at the reception and bring the receipt to class. You don't need to bring your own matt.


Schemes for Friday 31 October

Yoga - 60 min11.35-12.35Stefan JE-sal Drop-in
Gympa - Classic, 60 min12.00-13.00Gunilla WC-hall Drop-in
TRX - 30 min15.20-15.50Eriq OGym Book
Tabata - 45 min16.00-16.45Eriq OC-hall Book
Fotboll - 90 min16.00-17.30A-hall Book
Dansklass -Zumba,45 min17.00-17.45Jessika EC-hall Book
Cykel -Film 60 min17.15-18.15Tobias MCykelsal Book
WOD - (extra tillägg krävs) 60 min17.30-18.30Nidal A Book
Innebandy - 90 min17.30-19.00A-hall Book
Badminton - 90 min18.30-20.00Kyrylo YB-hall Book
Badminton - 60 min19.00-20.00A-hall Book

Dansklass - Zumba, 45 min11.30-12.15Astrid H*A-sal Drop-in
Indoor Walking - 40 min11.45-12.25Peo EC-sal Drop-in
Yoga - 60 min12.20-13.20Kitty SB-sal Drop-in
CXWORX - 30 min16.00-16.30Magnus S*A-sal Book
Cykel - 60 min16.45-17.45Johan PC-sal Book

Virtuell nonstop cykling. Ta med dig hörlurar. Ingen bokning.5.00-23.00Drop-in
Power Cage - 45 min11.45-12.30Gino P Drop-in
TRX - 45 min16.00-16.45Gino P Book




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