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Open hours Gibraltargatan
Sun 24/508.45-22.00
Mon 25/506.00-23.00
Tue 26/506.00-23.00
Wed 27/506.00-23.00
Thu 28/506.00-23.00
Fri 29/506.00-20.00
Sat 30/508.45-18.00

Open hours Kaserntorget
Sun 24/509.00-20.00
Mon 25/506.00-22.00
Tue 26/506.00-22.00
Wed 27/506.00-22.00
Thu 28/506.00-22.00
Fri 29/506.00-20.00
Sat 30/509.00-18.00

Sun 24/512.00-20.00
Mon 25/512.00-22.00
Tue 26/512.00-22.00
Wed 27/512.00-22.00
Thu 28/512.00-22.00
Fri 29/512.00-20.00
Sat 30/510.00-18.00

Open hours Lindholmen
Sun 24/505.00-23.00
Mon 25/505.00-23.00
Tue 26/505.00-23.00
Wed 27/505.00-23.00
Thu 28/505.00-23.00
Fri 29/505.00-23.00
Sat 30/505.00-23.00

Receptionen är bemannad: mån-tors 11.30-13 och 16-19. Fre 11.30 - 13.00.


Personal Training outdoor!

Our personal trainers and running coaches Robert Cederstav and Camilla Södergren are hosting an outdoor personal training small group. There are room for 3 - 8 persons, beginner or advanced doesn't matter everyone can attend. The first sessions will focus on running and will start in the end of May.

price: 10 sessions 1500 kr (non Fysiken members pay 2100 kr)

To register for the class or if you have any questions, contact:

Meditation blir Mindfulness!

Welcome to practice mindfulness with Cesar Sundays at 15 at Fysiken Gibraltargatan starting may 31st. Practice sitting with the mind's current state without either prejudices or expectations. Through regular practice of mindfulness gives stronger self-awareness and increased concentration. The class will help you to explore different methods of practicing mindfulness both sitting meditation and motion-based methods.

Membership card update

In the end of May, we will change our current card system to a RFID system at all our facilities. The RFID card is a more user friendly card and it meets the future demands on card security, service and flexibility. If you don't already have an RFID card you must buy a new one (50 sek) during the month of May and then retained it like a valuable document.

Benefits for you as a member:
• Easier and faster entry
• In the future it will be possible to load money on your card so that you easily can buy bars and drinks during your workout.
• The card can be linked to our fitness machines which will make it easier to track your workouts..
• RFID cards are more durable and more reliable than the old cards with a magnetic strip.

You can update your card already at Fysiken Kaserntorget and Fysiken Lindholmen. If you have any questions regarding this update please contact the reception.

Summer training!

Visit the gym, play some ball games and go climbing - train whatever you like during the summer. At Fysiken you can get a summercard that gives you access to Fysiken Gibraltargatan, Fysiken Kaserntorget, Fysiken Lindholmen and Fysiken Klätterlabbet.

The price for this multicard is 850 SEK and the card is valid till the 16 th of August no matter when you buy it.

To buy the card visit Fysiken Kaserntorget, Fysiken Gibraltargatan or Fysiken Klätterlabbet.

Renovation of dressing rooms at Gibraltargatan!

This summer we will improve the dressing rooms and the hallway that is located on the right side of the entry at Gibraltargatan. We will put in new lockers, new lighting and repaint the walls. We will also make the dressing rooms bigger by using the area where the solarium currently are located. You will still be able to use the solariums that are located in the other dressing rooms.

Follow us on Facebook and here on the homepage get updates about the renovation.

Schemes for Sunday 24 May

Badminton - 90 min15.30-17.00B-hall Drop-in
Fotboll - 90 min16.00-17.30A-hall Drop-in
Dansklass - Zumba, 55min16.00-16.55Triin M*C-hall Drop-in
TRX - 55 min16.30-17.25Cari JGym Book
Innebandy - 90 min17.30-19.00A-hall Book
CXWORX - 30 min17.35-18.05Jessica SC-hall Book
Cykel - 60 min18.15-19.15Maria LCykelsal Book
Triggerstretch - 30 min18.15-18.45Jessica SE-sal Book
Volleyboll - Avanc, 120 min18.30-20.30B-hall Book
Yoga - Intro in english, 60 min19.00-20.00Kitty SE-sal Book
Basket - 90 min19.00-20.30A-hall Book
Yoga - In english,75 min20.05-21.20Kitty SE-sal Reserv

Yoga - 60 min16.00-17.00Valeria LB-sal Drop-in
Krafttag - 60 min16.30-17.30Johanna WA-sal Book
Cykel - 60 min17.35-18.35Johanna LÖC-sal Book
BODYBALANCE - 60 min18.45-19.45Gino PB-sal Book

Virtuell nonstop cykling. Ta med dig hörlurar. Ingen bokning.5.00-23.00Drop-in




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