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Open hours Gibraltargatan
Tue 29/707.00-21.00
Wed 30/707.00-21.00
Thu 31/707.00-21.00
Fri 1/807.00-20.00
Sat 2/808.45-18.00
Sun 3/808.45-21.00
Mon 4/807.00-21.00


Open hours Kaserntorget
Tue 29/707.00-21.00
Wed 30/707.00-21.00
Thu 31/707.00-21.00
Fri 1/807.00-20.00
Sat 2/809.00-18.00
Sun 3/809.00-20.00
Mon 4/807.00-21.00


Open hours Klätterlabbet
Tue 29/712.00-21.00
Wed 30/712.00-21.00
Thu 31/712.00-21.00
Fri 1/812.00-19.00
Sat 2/810.00-18.00
Sun 3/812.00-19.00
Mon 4/812.00-21.00



Opening party at Fysiken Lindholmen!

Soon, we will open our fifth location, and we want to celebrate that with you! Book Monday August 18 th in your calendar and invite your family and friends to our opening. It will be a day full of activities and fun training!

Read more about Fysiken Lindholmen here.

Höstens träningsnyheter!

There is much going on atFysiken this fall! We will open at Lindholmen and Fysiken Kaserntorget will have a new floor with a brand new Body&Mind-hall!

News this fall are:
Indoor Walking - similar to to spinning but we use a form of cross trainer, called Walker (Kaserntorget).
Watt bikes - new spinning bikes (Gibraltargatan).
Power Circuit - tough circuit class in fitness hall (Kaserntorget and Gibraltargatan).
Power Cage - functional exercises in our Synrgy cage with simple warm up, strength and conditioning (Lindholmen).
Meditation (Kaserntorget)
Pilates (now also at Kaserntorget)

The 25th of August will our new schedule start!

WOD instructors
Fysiken is looking for positive minded and motivated individuals to teach our WOD classes. With a basic knowledge of anatomy and the fundamental lifts such as squats and pressing movements. Previous experience is a plus. Are you the right person for the job? Please contact michael.stoneburgh@fysiken.nu

Do you pay student price?

For those who receive a student discount by direct debit which fixed period has expired. Please show a valid student ID in order to continue to pay the student price.

  Gibraltargatan today Tuesday 29 July

  For booking of activities click here
  View the entire weekly schedule Gibraltargatan
17:00-17:55TRX - 55 minJosefin O
17:00-18:00Pilates - 60 minViviann K
18:00-19:00Cykel - Activio, 60 minJohanna L
18:00-19:30Badminton - 90 min
18:15-19:30Yoga - 75 minKitty S
18:30-19:30Gympa - Classic, 60 minRiitta F
19:05-20:00Step - Dance, 55minJosefine H
19:30-21:00Basket - 90 min
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  Kaserntorget today Tuesday 29 July
  For booking of activites click here
  View the entire weekly schedule Kaserntorget
17:45-18:45Cykel - Activio, 60 minGino P
17:50-18:50Krafttag - 60 minStina B
19:00-20:00BODYBALANCE - 60 minGino P
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